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We spend much more time at home these days, thanks to the consequences of a global pandemic. You've probably figured out how important your surroundings are to your state of mind. You would not be wrong. Our homes have a great impact on our daily lives, and if it's not working for you, it's really frustrating! Just step into a cluttered and crowded space versus a well-designed, calm and inviting space, and you'll notice. Your energy shifts.
Stephanie gets it. She's been changing lives and creating spaces that speak to her clients' personalities and lifestyles, for over ten years.
Below are a list of packages ranging from a quick "Design Chat" to a "Full Service Interior Design Package". You can purchase a package at the bottom of each service.
You can also schedule a complimentary, 15-minute call with me. :)

Stephanie Finucane

Select Your Preferred Design Package
Design Chat

Need a quick answer? Don't panic or buy something under pressure. Call me instead!
  • Speak directly with designer for up to 30 minutes
  • Covers any design dilemma/question
  • Get personalized advice, furniture recommendations, space planning direction, and more. Tackle those design dilemmas right from your phone anywhere, anytime.
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Using Loom, Stephanie curates a color scheme for any space in your home. Interior/Exterior
  • 30-Minutes
  • Specific Paint Selections
  • Coordinating trim color + ceiling color
  • Design Board listing all details & finishes
  • $50 for each additional room
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Initial Meeting for Full Scale Redesigns
$200.00 / room

I come to your home, learn about you and your needs, and study the space and scope of the project.
  • Appointment lasts up to one hour
  • Space Analysis /Photos & Video
  • Get-to-know you discussion
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One-Hour Color Consultation For Exterior or Interior Residential homes.
  • 30-minute pre-appointment review and research
  • I will select all paint colors at appointment
  • You'll receive a Color Design Board with specific Paint Name, Finish, Location
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This package is for someone who needs basic design advice throughout their home.
  • 30-minute pre-appointment review and research
  • 1-Hour Onsite Visit
  • Kate & I walk through your home taking note of ALL design issues.
  • After your appointment, you'll receive a detailed list of recommendations, links to help you get started.
  • Can include specific paint colors, furnishings, etc.
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Designer By The Hour

This is good for anyone building or remodeling a new home. Perfect for those trips to the showrooms
  • Designer with you as needed on an hour.y basis.
  • Covers any and all material selections
  • Designer can meet you at showroom, home or office
  • You get an updated Material Selections Mood Board for visual assurance
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$799.00 / room

Give us three hours, and you'll have a new layout, using what you already have.
  • Designer & Assistant travels to your home
  • We evaluate and then rearrange for three hours
  • Includes hanging artwork and rearranging or adding accessories
  • If needed, recommend new pieces to give you a brilliant new look
  • Product Shopping list with shoppable links
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Space Planning
$899.00 / room

Before you buy a new sofa, you need to know if it's going to fit and where to put it...
  • Designer Measure Your Space
  • Scaled Floor Plan (includes 3D Perspective)
  • 2 Layout Options with Furniture Dimensions
  • Detailed Loom Video Breakdown from Designer
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Space Planning + Furnishings
$1,200.00 / room

You want to know the best layout, but you don't want or know what to buy. This package is for you.
  • Designer Measures Your Space
  • Scaled Floor Plan (includes 3d Perspective
  • Two Layout Options showing Dimensions of furnishings
  • Designer provides specific recommendations for all Furnishings/ decor
  • Color Scheme
  • Mood Boards with Layouts
  • Designer Purchases all Furnishings on behalf of client at no additional fee
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Full Service Interior Design Package
$5,000.00 / room

This is for a complete redesign. Expect to work with Stephanie for approximately 3-6 months.
  • Design Concept Renderings and in 3D perspectives (up to two revisions)
  • Mood Boards and Color Scheme
  • Weekly updates from Stephanie
  • 3 site visits from Stephanie
  • Includes access to Stephanie's team of trusted vendors, contractors and installers
  • All purchasing managed by Stephanie
  • Installation and New Layout
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