Selected Plan:
Interior Design Consultations (in person)

GETTING PREPARED: First step is to get inspired to make the changes... ask yourself why, where and what you want to change? And don't forget to think about a budget. Collect inspiring images of rooms or things that make you feel good and dreamy. If you are re-doing your kitchen or/and your bathroom collect samples from your local sources.

MEET THE DESIGNER: Make the payment here. Once we receive the payment we would email you to schedule a consultation day, and to talk about your concerns and goals. I come to your home, set up the timer for 1.5 hour, the other .5 hour is used to write the summary of our meeting, like a "to-do-list". I would bring tape measurement, paint chips, drafting software, samples of all kinds, inspiration images... the package of tools would depends on the goals that we plan to reach, discussed over the phone or/and by email, prior the consultation day.

CONSULTATION SUMMARY: After consultation you receive a written summary of our consultation day, describing the main ideas that you should work on. Depending on the case you would receive inspiration images of a style, furniture links, art & accessories links, contractors references, resources, a study of a furniture layout, etc.


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