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Moodboard Editor
Design Asset Library

Finally. Add logos and other images to your design boards without them showing in your product lists.

  • Stop wasting time manually removing unwanted items from product lists.
  • Images of your client's space, logos, arrows, etc can be added to your Design Asset Library and will not show in the client product list if you include them in your designs.
Organize your product library with product categories

Source in half the time with organized product categories

  • Add custom product categories to your product library
  • Categorize by product type, room, style, ...etc
  • Find the items you need in seconds vs endlessly scrolling
SideDoor Integration - 200K+ trade products. Earn avg of 30% commission Popular

New SideDoor Integration! Avg 30% Commissions With No Order Hassle

  • Access SideDoor's product library in DesignFiles
  • Create designs using 200K trade products
  • Generate shoppable collections for every board
  • Earn an avg. of 30% commission on all purchases
3D Floor Planner
Upload and trace floor plan images in minutes Popular

Create floor plans in a fraction of the time.

  • Upload existing floor plan image
  • Trace in seconds vs creating from scratch
  • Profit from every hour you save
Mini map floor plan navigation

Quickly navigate between rooms in your floor plan with our new mini map

  • No more scrolling through walls.
  • Jump from room to room in seconds.
  • Use the cameras to view the space from all angles and make quick edits.
Customize walls with 5K+ wallpaper, tile, paneling, texture options Popular

Take your 3D designs to the next level. Customize walls with over 5K wallpaper, tile, paneling and texture options

  • Add tile, wallpaper, stone, brick, wood panels and more.
  • Create custom walls with niches and built out sections.
  • Easily adjust scale and orientation of tile and textures.
Create custom structures like stone fireplaces in the 3D floor planner Popular

Create custom structures like stone fireplaces in the 3D floor planner

  • Build 3D custom structures in minutes with easy to use editing tools.
  • Fully customize structures with paint, wallpaper, stone, brick, tile, wood textures and more.
Create sloped and tiered ceilings for 3D renderings

You can now customize ceilings within the 3D floor planner

  • Impress clients with accurate renderings of their space.
  • Add sloped or tiered ceilings.
  • Include bulkheads and other structures to replicate your client's home.
Design Board Template Library
Create curated design board templates for re-use

Create once, use multiple times

  • Save templates and your best designs to your library
  • Organize by room, style, type, ...etc
  • Reuse as starting points for future projects
  • Get designs out to clients in half the time
Private Notes and Team Discussions

Improve team communication and collaboration.

  • Involve everyone working on the project
  • Leave notes and delegate tasks to team members
  • Get real time notifications and never miss a beat
Assign & Discuss Tasks Popular

Manage and assign project tasks

  • Create and schedule project tasks
  • Assign tasks to yourself or to team members
  • View your complete list of running tasks
  • Check them off as you go
Printable design questionnaires

Printable design questionnaires now available

  • Paper or digital? Choose to send directly to clients or print it out and take it with you to client meetings.
Task Management Popular

Manage and assign project tasks

  • Create and schedule project tasks
  • Assign tasks to yourself or to team members
  • View your complete list of running tasks
  • Check them off as you go
Project Calendar

Having a more productive week just got easier

  • Keep track of all product orders.
  • Schedule events and tasks for you and your team.
  • Set reminders and keep everyone on schedule
Client Product Tracker

Save HOURS of client admin with this new feature

  • Stop fielding client calls or wasting time putting together order update reports.
  • Keep your clients up to date on the status of their orders with one click.
Spec Sheets

Spec Sheets now available. Give contractors the info they need to get the job done right the first time.

  • Include full product details and links
  • Include installation and rough in guides
  • Add notes for where to install and more
Map to product categories in your QBO account

Spend less in accounting bills

  • Automatically map invoiced items to the correct product categories in your QuickBooks account
  • Save your bookkeeper hours of manual work
  • Know how much revenue you make from each category
Link quotes, invoices & POs to easily find connected docs

Stop wasting time wading through your files

  • Link up quotes, invoice and POs
  • Instantly find the documents you need
  • Make life easier on you and your bookkeeper
Get Paid
Request for Quote
Create and submit Request for Quotes

Making more informed decisions for your projects just got a lot easier

  • Create and submit RFQs to vendors in minutes!
  • Get clear on cost, lead times, availability and delivery schedules.
  • Create realistic project timelines and accurate cost breakdowns for clients.
Automatically turn RFQs into Purchase Orders with one click Popular

Automatically turn RFQs into Purchase Orders with one click

  • Why waste time creating POs from scratch.
  • Turn RFQs into Purchase Orders with one click.
  • Get two tasks done in the time it takes to complete one.
Quotes & Invoices
Offer discounts on quotes/invoices

No need to calculate it yourself

  • Easily add discounts to any quote or invoice
  • Offer as a $ or % amount
  • Never worry about calculation mistakes again
Group product components when quoting for custom items

Make quoting and invoicing for custom items easy with our handy grouping tool.

  • Easily group all custom product components into one line item.
  • Choose to show the full breakdown of cost.
  • Or keep it simple and show one total cost for your client.
Hide line item pricing and show just one total cost on quotes/invoices

Avoid having clients over analyze the cost of each item

  • Hide individual product prices on quotes & invoices.
  • Show just the total amount that's within their budget.
  • And avoid wasting time sourcing cheaper alternatives.
Hide product images on quotes/invoices

Hide product images on client quotes and invoices

  • Have full control over what product details show.
  • Choose to either include or hide product images on all your client facing quotes and invoices with one click.
Online Design Packages
Run promotions and add discounts to your design packages

Drive more sales by incentivising customers with limited time offers

  • Create your own promo codes
  • Choose when to activate and when to close
  • Create a sense of urgency that makes clients act
Sell your design packages directly from your website

Sell design packages directly from your website

  • No need to redirect clients back to your DesignFiles page
  • Grab the unique link for each package you create in DF
  • Add the links to your website and provide clients with a seamless, branded checkout experience
Brand Design Packages with Custom Images

Level up your design packages with branded images

  • Add visuals to show the client the type of design boards they will receive for each package.
  • Add branded images to elevate your design package page for a more professional look.
Project Questionnaire Not Required

Remove design questionnaires from packages that don't need them

  • Don't need your client to fill out a design questionnaire? You can now disable questionnaires for your design packages and allow the client to jump straight to making the payment.

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