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Detailed spec sheets

Spec Sheets now available. Give contractors the info they need to get the job done right the first time.

No more mistakes. No more delays. Just smooth running projects.
  • Prepare detailed spec sheets and include everything from product details to installation guides to the room and location for each item.
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Having a more productive week just got easier. Keep up with all events and orders and get notified ahead of time.

  • See the status of all your orders so you'll know which ones need your attention.
  • Schedule and add event tasks for you and your team.
  • Set reminders for custom events so you won't miss anything again.
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3D Floor Planner

Trace floor plans from uploaded images and create editable floor plans in a fraction of the time.

  • Upload your floor plan image.
  • Trace directly on top of the plan.
  • Have an editable floor plan ready to use in minutes.
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3D Floor Planner

Navigate quickly between rooms in your floor plan with our new mini map.

  • No more scrolling through walls.
  • Jump from room to room in seconds.
  • Place a camera in each room to easily view the space from all angles and edit.
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Design Board Library

Finish projects faster by having a Design Board Library you can pull from at any time.

Make your design boards work double time. Here's how:
  • Save any design board you create to your Design Board Library.
  • Organize by room, style, color, ...etc.
  • Re-use these design boards as starting points for new projects.
  • Customize to fit your client's style and send it off in half the time.
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Team Discussions

Better Communication. Better Collaboration. Move projects forward faster with internal team discussions.

  • Involve everyone that's working on the project.
  • Leave notes, delegate tasks and discuss the project.
  • Receive real-time notifications so you never miss a beat.
  • Keep all internal conversations hidden from your client.
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Clara Re
Thanks for the continued amazing upgrades!!! New price is worth every penny!!👏👏👏
Paula Bramberg Gaull
LOVE the trace floorpan feature!!! Thats a HUGE timesaver!!! Thank you!!!!
Lesley Myrick
So excited about these updates! Grouping custom components will be so helpful. Thanks for putting in so much hard work into making software great. 👏👏👏
Quotes + Invoices

No need to calculate it yourself. Instantly add discounts to Quotes & Invoices.

  • Run promotions or offer a special rate to a client on any quote or invoice either as a percentage or dollar amount.
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Quotes + Invoices

Invoicing for custom items? Easily group product components together and choose what your client sees.

  • Group product components together on all quotes and invoices.
  • Show your client the full breakdown of each component OR group it all into a single line item with one total cost.
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Quotes + Invoices + Purchase Orders

Link up your quotes, invoices and POs. Access all connected docs with just one click.

  • See what quote goes with what invoice at a glance.
  • In our new Full Service plan, all documents are linked so you can open one and immediately access all connected documents.
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Quotes + Invoices

Hide Individual Product Prices from Quotes & Invoices.

  • Ever run into issues with clients over analyzing the individual costs of items even though you were well within their overall budget? This feature will help prevent those conversations from even starting.
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Quickbooks Sync

Save your bookkeeper / accountant hours of manual work and pay less in accounting bills by mapping product categories to QuickBooks.

  • Map product income to specific categories in your QuickBooks Online account.
  • Every time you sync an invoice over to QBO, the system will map each item in the invoice to the correct product category in your QBO account so you can see how much revenue you're bringing in for each category.
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Product Library

Source in half the time with organized product categories.

  • Stop scrolling endlessly through your product library and wasting time looking for specific items.
  • Organize all items into easy-to-source product categories and find them in seconds.
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Sarah Regan Interiors
Just upgraded, love the changes!!!
Sarah Fannick Ireland
Just upgraded my account and SO excited about the updates! I had been considering switch to another platform because I was looking for some of these additions/offerings, so it was perfect timing!
Kristen Cass
Worth every penny! Used the floor tracer today. Way faster!!
Design Questionnaire

Printable design questionnaires now available.

  • Whether you're at a client's home on your hands and knees taking measurements or your client is more of a "pen and paper" kinda person, there are times when having a printed questionnaire just comes in handy.
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Design Packages

Drive more design package sales by incentivising customers with limited time offers.

  • Run short term promotions on your design packages.
  • Create your own promo codes, choose when to activate them and which packages to include.
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Design Packages

Less steps = faster payments. Remove design questionnaires from packages that don't need them.

  • If you don't need your client to fill out a design questionnaire for certain packages (ex: a design consultation) you can now disable the questionnaire and allow the client to jump straight to making the purchase.
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Design Packages

Level up your design packages with branded images.

  • Add visuals to show the client the type of design boards they will receive for each package.
  • Add branded images to elevate your design package page for a more professional look.
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