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Having a more productive week just got easier
  • Track of all product orders
  • Schedule events and tasks for you and your team.
  • Set reminders and keep everyone on schedule
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Manage and assign project tasks
  • Create and schedule project tasks
  • Assign tasks to yourself or to team members
  • View your complete list of running tasks
  • Check them off as you go
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New SideDoor Integration! Avg 30% Commissions With No Order Hassle
  • Access SideDoor's product library in DesignFiles
  • Create designs using 200K trade products
  • Generate shoppable collections for every board
  • Earn an avg. of 30% commission on all purchases
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Spec Sheets now available. Give contractors the info they need to get the job done right the first time.
  • Include full product details and links
  • Include installation and rough in guides
  • Add notes for where to install and more
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Create floor plans in a fraction of the time.
  • Upload existing floor plan image
  • Trace in seconds vs creating from scratch
  • Profit from every hour you save
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Quickly navigate between rooms in your floor plan with our new mini map
  • No more scrolling through walls.
  • Jump from room to room in seconds.
  • Use the cameras to view the space from all angles and make quick edits.
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Create once, use multiple times
  • Save templates and your best designs to your library
  • Organize by room, style, type, ...etc
  • Reuse as starting points for future projects
  • Get designs out to clients in half the time
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Improve team communication and collaboration.
  • Involve everyone working on the project
  • Leave notes and delegate tasks to team members
  • Get real time notifications and never miss a beat
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No need to calculate it yourself
  • Easily add discounts to any quote or invoice
  • Offer as a $ or % amount
  • never worry about calculation mistakes again
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Invoicing for custom items made easy
  • Group all product components
  • Choose to show full breakdown of cost
  • Or group it all into one clean total
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Stop wasting time wading through your files
  • Link up quotes, invoice and POs
  • Instantly find the documents you need
  • Make life easier on you and your bookkeeper
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Avoid having clients over analyze the cost of each item
  • Hide individual product prices on quotes & invoices
  • Show just the total amount that's within their budget
  • And avoid wasting time sourcing cheaper alternatives
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Spend less in accounting bills
  • Automatically map invoiced items to the correct product categories in your QuickBooks account
  • Save your bookkeeper hours of manual work
  • Know how much revenue you make from each category
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Source in half the time with organized product categories
  • Add custom product categories to your product library
  • Categorize by product type, room, style, ...etc
  • Find the items you need in seconds vs endlessly scrolling
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Printable design questionnaires now available
  • Paper or digital? Choose to send directly to clients or print it out and take it with you to client meetings.
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Drive more sales by incentivising customers with limited time offers
  • Create your own promo codes
  • Choose when to activate and when to close
  • Create a sense of urgency that makes clients act
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Sell design packages directly from your website
  • No need to redirect clients back to your DesignFiles page.
  • Grab the unique link for each package you create in DF
  • Add the links to your website and provide clients with a seamless, branded checkout experience.
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Remove design questionnaires from packages that don't need them
  • Don't need your client to fill out a design questionnaire? You can now disable questionnaires for your design packages and allow the client to jump straight to making the payment
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Level up your design packages with branded images
  • Add visuals to show the client the type of design boards they will receive for each package.
  • Add branded images to elevate your design package page for a more professional look.
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