Which space can we help you design?

We can't design a space if we don't know which room! Please choose one.

Why are you redesigning your space?
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How finished is your space?

Are any of your existing furniture pieces staying?

What new products would you like to add to the space?

How soon are you looking to complete your project?

What is your budget for purchasing products?
IMPORTANT! A standard full room design (all new furnishings, & decor) is typically 5,000 and up.

Please specify proper budget values
Once the design is finished, are you ready to purchase your products to complete the design?
The next step of the process is purchasing items to complete your space! You have access to my designer discounts up to 20% off items. I will curate a cart with all the items you want to purchase for your space and we will purchase the items together. My fee for this purchase is 10% of the total (this is part of the budget) You will receive major discounts on large items only I have access to. I will send an invoice for my fee for utilizing my discount and processing the purchases. Everything is done for you! (ie: tracking the shipping, contacting customer service etc.) This is a GREAT way to save money on these big purchase. Let me know below if you are interested in this service!

What is your style?
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What should the mood of the space be?
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What are your favorite stores for furniture & decor?
Where would you typically shop for furniture?

What are your color preferences?

Do you have any specific colors you'd like to see in the space?

Who do you share your space with?
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Do you rent or own?

What kind of home do you live in?

INSTALL: Do you want me to set up your room (aka you don't lift a finger!) This is an optional service!
This is where you have the option for me to come to your home after all the items have arrived and I will install them to exactly where they need to go. You don't have to lift a finger! If you are interested in this process my installation fee is $350 plus travel expense.

Provide measurements and photos of your space
Use our website to find instructions and the how-to guide for sketching out your floor plan.

To help us better serve you, we recommend the following:
  • Download our floor plan and room photo guide (PDF)
  • Measure your space and sketch your floor plan
  • Take photographs of your room following the instructions provided
  • Attach your floor plan and room photos below
Drag & drop floor plan and room images here or select files from your computer.

Share inspiration images or links that reflect your style. Pinterest boards, images from stores and/or inspiration from social media.

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Any final notes for your designer to consider?
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Next, I will follow up with you within the next day in an email from hello@theblisshouseco.com Please be on the look out for this email or check your SPAM folder. We will then schedule a meeting to review your design! Thank you for your cooperation. -Amanda
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