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You're working super hard ‐ but you still can't bring in enough cash
Bottom line? You just can't seem to "break free" and GROW your business.

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It's not just you

There are thousands of other designers who were struggling to manage and grow their business. But they jumped in. And in just a few months they're...
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ENJOYING business again

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Ditch the disjointed tools & speed up your process

When everything's in ONE place, the software does in seconds what you did in hours.
Design moodboards
Create floor plans
Create 3D renderings
Send questionnaires
Source products
Generate product lists
Collaborate with clients
Track product orders
Produce presentations
Send quotes, invoices, po's
Sell design packages
Sync to QuickBooks
Accept online payments
Organize financial data
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Seamless online experience

With COVID-19 the new reality, you have to adapt if you're going to survive. With an online client portal, clients can review designs, leave feedback, approve quotes and make payments — all from the comfort of their homes.

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I've saved a great deal of time with DesignFiles and have been surprised by how easy the software is. NOT complicated at all!
Jeanine B.
Honestly, I've never had customer service like this since becoming a designer, and even rarely throughout my 25-year career has anyone been this customer-focused. Best company EVER.
Bree R.

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Just easy-to-access real humans who genuinely want to help—AND know how to!

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