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For solo professionals with
established businesses
  • Unlimited Client Projects
  • 1 Designer Account
  • All Features Included
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For teams that need to
design, collaborate and scale
  • Unlimited Client Projects
  • Add Designers as Needed
  • Team Management Features
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4.5 / 5
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All your essential design tools in one smart program.
Paired with 5 support.
  • 2D & 3D Design Editor
  • Project Questionnaire
  • Product Clipper
  • Pre-populated Product library
  • Submit to Client for Feedback
  • Product Lists
  • Tear Sheets
  • Client Presentations
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Design Packages
  • Sync Invoices to QuickBooks
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Marketing Tools
  • Customize With Your Brand
  • What Clients See
  • Access to Our Designer Community
Businesses just like yours are growing with DesignFiles.
DesignFiles cuts my time in half!
I used to have to do all this by hand. Using DesignFiles gives my business the professionalism and quality we need to give our clients what they want. LOVE IT!
- Carolyn T.
DesignFiles allows me to do what I do best: DESIGN. It has relieved me of so many tasks that used to literally swallow my days. It is truly all-encompassing: design and mood board creation, a communication platform for me and my clients, budgeting, invoicing and so much more. Not only do I love it, but many of my clients sing DesignFiles' praises also.
- Clare R.
Best design software out there! I've used it on a number of client projects since its inception and couldn't be happier. It's so intuitive and flexible, I can't rave about this program enough. The customer support is fast and so helpful and it's so easy to streamline your design business with it.
- Colleen H.
The more I use it the more I love it. The tools are extremely valuable to me. I was just able to close a $10,000 custom bedding and window treatments project due to the visuals I could give the client.
- Robin J.
I love DesignFiles and their team is great with communication. DesignFiles saves me easily 3 to 4 hours a room. It's that good! Will highly recommend them to my other designer friends. DesignFiles are worth every penny.
- Shinay K.
All my problems are solved with this software. I used to have to use multiple programs to do everything that DesignFiles does. I love that I can design beautiful mood boards for clients by easily clipping images from websites, providing them with a shopping list and attaching other files like floorplans etc. I haven't come across any other software that does as much and as easily as this one.
- Rachel S.
A GAME CHANGER - This is going to save me hundreds of hours of running around. This software is every designers dream. I will be able to double my projects with half the work. AMAZING! I was able to design 1 room in 1 day. It was so fun to do and shop without going out in 100 degree weather!
- DesignFiles Designer
This is such a robust program with so many great features that would have required me to use countless tools to accomplish the same result, and it's totally simplified my process- not only from my end, but for the clients as well. I can't recommend it enough!
- Laura E.
Words can't express how happy I am with DesignFiles! I can manage all my client projects , track orders , and use the platform to create design concept boards and 3D designs. DesignFiles has truly been a huge time saver for my business as well as keeping me extremely organized. Thanks DesignFiles!!!
- Dana D.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Still have some questions? We've got answers.
Q: "How intuitive is the platform? Can I get help from a human being?"
A: Absolutely! The entire platform has been designed to enable you to get your business up and running, tackle big projects, and move through to the final presentation in the shortest amount of time.

You'll have access to a library full of video tutorials, live chat support, and a just-for-you demo when you need it.
Q: "Can I handle payments with DesignFiles?"
A: Yes, you can use Stripe to receive online payments. Just enter your business details, create your design packages and your clients can pay you via credit card without leaving DesignFiles. No check, no snail mail, and no hidden fees.
Q: "What about invoicing?"
A: That's covered too! Right from your projects, you'll be able to create professional invoices and send them straight out to your clients. Add your design work or client products as line items. Include markups, tax, and shipping (if needed) to get the grand total. Ensure it has all you need by previewing it as a client and hit "Send."
Q: "I really like DesignFiles. But will I have enough clients to warrant the monthly cost of the software?"
A: We believe in helping our users as much as possible. That's why we offer webinars and videos jam-packed with actionable advice to help you market your business and land more clients.

Also, ask yourself what you charge for an hourly rate. If DesignFiles saves you just 1 hour of work from your current design process, it already paid for itself.

Bear in mind, though, we're talking about 1 hour a month… and designers claim they've been able to save up to 4 hours of work in a single day!
Q: "Can I change my plan at any time?"
A: Of course. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time. Long-term, misleading contracts is not our business model.
Q: "What if it isn't a good fit after I purchase?"
A: No problem! There are no strings attached. Within 60 days of signing up, you are free to change your mind. Try first, commit later.
Q: "Can I remove the DesignFiles branding?"
A: Definitely. Regardless of the plan you have (including the free one!) you can remove the DesignFiles branding and replace it with your company branding. We actually encourage it. Set your own brand colors and logo, and immediately every page, every presentation and every email you send out to your clients will be branded to your business.
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