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How-to Videos

Introduction to DesignFiles

Full 30 Min. DesignFiles Demo
Full 30 Min. DesignFiles Demo
An informative walkthrough and tutorial covering some of the necessary ground level steps in helping you to quickly achieve your design goals.

Playlist (2)

Full 30 Min. DesignFiles Demo
Using the Add to DesignFiles Clipper

Design Editor

Creating Realistic Roomboards
Creating Realistic Roomboards
Learn how to create 3D-Looking roomboards while using products from your personal product library. This tutorial covers tips and tricks on manipulating the distort tool and layering products to create a realistic design for your clients.

Playlist (18)

Creating Realistic Roomboards
Creating Professional Moodboards
Mastering Perspective in Roomboards
Removing Backgrounds from Images
Uploading Images of Your Client's Space
Adding Existing Floorplans to Presentations
Aligning Items with Guidelines
Using the Crop Tool
Using the Text Tool
Grouping Items in Designs
Adding Lines & Arrows to Floor Plans
Creating Branded Templates
Moving the Design Canvas
Using Additional Images
Create the Perfect Empty Room Image
Design Asset Library
New & Improved Background Removal Tool
Visual Elements Library

3D Floor Planner

Creating Floorplans and 3D Designs
Creating Floorplans and 3D Designs
Learn how to create simple floor plans and 3D designs using our intuitive floor planner tool.

Playlist (8)

Creating Floorplans and 3D Designs
Customizing Shower Walls for Your 3D Renderings
Adding a Tile Backsplash to Your 3D Kitchen Designs
Adding Sloped Ceilings to Your 3D Renderings
Creating Custom Fireplaces for Your 3D Renderings
Trace Floor Plan Images to Create a 3D Space
Mini Map Floor Plan Navigation
Creating Built-in Cabinets in the 3D Floor Planner

Billing, Payments & Packages

Creating Approvable Quotes
Creating Approvable Quotes
Create detailed quotes with the ability to have clients select approve and reject buttons per line item.

Playlist (25)

Creating Approvable Quotes
Creating and Submitting Invoices
Creating Purchase Orders
Issuing and Using Retainers
Issuing Invoice Refunds
Collecting Deposits
Recording Invoice Payments
Setting Up Packages and Payments
Pricing Your e-Design Packages
Generating POs from Invoices
Using the QuickBooks Integration
Reviewing Your Finances
Paying on Behalf of Clients
Creating Custom Financial Reports
Discounts for Quotes & Invoices
Group Custom Components in Quotes & Invoices
Link Quotes, Invoices and POs
Map Revenue to QuickBooks Income Accounts / Categories
Offer Package Discounts
Sell Design Packages on Your Site
Remove Design Questionnaires from Packages
Brand Packages with Images
Hide Individual Product Prices from Invoices
Flat Rate Services
Track Time & Bill for Hourly Services

Product Sourcing

Using the Add to DesignFiles Clipper
Using the Add to DesignFiles Clipper
Start building your personal product library within your DesignFiles account. Install our browser clipper to easily source products from any vendor on the web.

Playlist (8)

Using the Add to DesignFiles Clipper
Managing Your Product Library
Tagging and Categorizing Products
Adding Mark-ups to Products
Showing % OFF RETAIL Discounts
Bulk Removal and Archiving of Products
Organize Products by Category
Announcing Our SideDoor Integration

Project Management

Project Task Management
Project Task Management

Playlist (32)

Project Task Management
Project Calendar
Setting Up Your Project Questionnaires
Tracking Time and Adding Hours to Invoices
Taking Notes and Adding To-Dos
Controlling Which Designs Client's See
Using Your Design Questionnaire
Using DesignFiles on Mobile Devices
Managing the Product Details Client's See
Previewing a Project as Client
Allowing Clients to Approve and Decline Items
Creating Client PDF Presentations
Chatting Prior to Project Kick-start
Managing Your Clients
Reviewing Project Activity
Tracking Projects and Products
Presenting to Clients (with Zoom/etc)
Archiving and Restoring Projects
Submitting Contracts for Signature
Project Workflow Mode
Import/Export Client & Vendor Lists
Manage What Client's See Defaults
Creating Tear Sheets
Creating Multiple Questionnaires
Detailed Spec Sheets
Board Template Library
Private Notes and Team Discussion
Print Out Your Project Questionnaire
The Client Experience
Request for Quote
Create Task Templates
Client-Facing Order Tracker

Promotion and Growth

Creating a High Converting E-design Page
Creating a High Converting E-design Page
Learn the anatomy to designing and building a well crafted e-design page on your website to turn cold leads into paying customers.

Playlist (4)

Creating a High Converting E-design Page
Bulk Invite and Email Clients
Reach New Clients With Your Own Custom Widget
Embeddable Shop-the-Look Designs

Account Management

Customize DesignFiles with your colors
Customize DesignFiles with your colors
Brand your entire DesignFiles account to better match your business and provide a professional experience for your client.

Playlist (1)

Customize DesignFiles with your colors

Expert Webinars

Advanced 3D Floor Planning with Sheilah MacSporran
Advanced 3D Floor Planning with Sheilah MacSporran

Playlist (27)

Advanced 3D Floor Planning with Sheilah MacSporran
5 Steps to Building a 6 Figure Brand with Coleen Otero
New Year, New Pricing - Hot Seats with Nancy Ganzekaufer
How to Audit your Projects for Better Profits with Kate Bendewald
How to Let Clients Shop the Look While Earning 30% Commissions with SideDoor
How to Discuss Client Budgets Like a Pro with Kimberly Horton
Advanced Project Management Strategy with Kimberley Seldon
Getting Paid What You're Worth with Gail Doby
Creating Advanced Moodboard Designs with Sheilah MacSporran
How to Price Yourself at Every Stage of Business with Nancy Ganzekaufer
How to Rock Your Sales Calls & Follow Ups with Monique Nicole
Ask Me Anything About Bookkeeping with Ashley Mobley
eDesign Pro Tips - Qualify Clients & Perfect Your Design Questionnaire with Chaney Widmer
How to Manage Your Books like a Pro and Make Sense of Your Financial Data with Megan Dahle
Set Your e-Design Business Up For Success on the Backend with Chaney Widmer
Ask Me Anything About SEO with Dayana Mayfield
5 Ways to Book More Interior Design Clients with Capella Kincheloe
Ultimate Guide to Building a Successful e-Design Business with Sheilah MacSporran
How to Price Your e-Design Packages with Sheilah MacSporran
How to Find and Attract Affluent Ideal Clients with Nona Patrick
The Website Copywriting Formula That Consistently Wins Clients with Masha Koyen
How to Win Interior Design Clients from Facebook Groups with Paige Hayes
Ditching Retail for Wholesale: Double Your Profits Without Taking on More Clients with Kimberly Horton
How to Protect Your Business from the Biggest Pitfalls of Full-Service Interior Design Projects with Kim Kapellusch
The CoCreative Method: Busting the Myth That Involved Clients Make Life Harder with Misty Molloy
New Service Models That Sell: Hot Seats with Nancy Ganzekaufer
How to Get More Clients from Instagram with Amber Guyton
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