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"Our goal is to continually update the Video Library with quick how-tos and deep dives on using DesignFiles to grow your design business."
Sheilah MacSporran
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Adding tags to products
Adding tags to products
Creating Realistic 3D Designs
Setting Up Packages & Payments
Setting Up Packages & Payments
Creating Professional 2D Designs
Managing Your Team Account
Manage What a Client Sees
Manage What a Client Sees
Bulk Invite and Email Clients
Chat Feed Overview
Manual Background Removal Tool
Unread Comments & Notifications
Newly Updated Browser Clipper
Adding a Floor Plan
Uploading Images of Your Client's Space
Uploading Invoices & Contracts to Your Client Projects
Reach New Clients With Your Own Custom Widget
Personal Product Library
Allow Clients to Approve & Reject Products
Customizing Client PDF Presentations