Which space can we help you design?

We can't design a space if we don't know which room! Please choose one.

Why are you redesigning your space?
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What design service are you interested in?
What scale of work does your project require?
In the next question, we will ask you what existing elements are staying or not required
What are your goals for the space?
Please provide information into your expected project start date and expected completion date?
How soon are you looking to complete your project ? Are there any deadlines or factors related to your start and completion dates ?
What is your budget for the Construction phase of your project?
Please include mention of any defected areas of the home that will require attention so we can integrate that into our budget breakdown, there is a space the final notes portion at the end of this questionnaire
Is there a contractor or other trades expected to work on the project?
What is your budget for the furniture stage of your project?
Please see our furniture budget guide for an up to date reference into furniture prices of 2022

Are there any of your existing furniture pieces staying?

What new pieces of furniture would you like to add to the space?

What are your color preferences?

Do you have any specific colors you'd like to see in the space?

What is your style?
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What should the mood of the space be?
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What are your favorite stores for furniture & decor?

Share inspiration images or links that reflect your style

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We will need measurements and photos of the space in order to propose accurately scaled furniture sizes and materials. Will you be providing this or would you like us to visit the site to confirm these details?

Please provide measurements and photos of your space if opting to provide these without a site visit from your designer

To help us better serve you, we recommend the following:
  • Download our floor plan and room photo guide (PDF)
  • Measure your space and sketch your floor plan
  • Take photographs of your room following the instructions provided
  • Attach your floor plan and room photos below
Drag & drop floor plan and room images here or select files from your computer.
Any final notes for your designer to consider?
Include any final notes or other details that may not have been addressed in the questions above...
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