Thank you for choosing EJ Designs!

Please take a moment to fill out our design questionnaire and tell us about your project. The goal of this questionnaire is to help us get an overall sense of your style, preferred colors and your goals for the space before we meet. The more info you can provide, the better equipped our team will be to create a look that is uniquely YOU!

Our service and approach is very personal, so we’ve determined some guidelines that will help to create and expedite a smooth design process. Please take the time to read our commitment to you and our requirements of you.

- To take the time to get to know and understand how you live in and use the space.
- Collaborate in identifying a functional design and style that suits you.
- Provide you with a general vision of the space and revise until it’s agreed upon.
- Discuss and advise on the budget and time frame required.
- Provide you with the best options based on style, quality, function and budgetary allowances.
- Work efficiently and provide reasonably generous returns.
- Reasonable and prompt response time during standard business hours.

- Provide a selection of examples of your preferred styles, colors, and room feelings as inspiration prior to/at our first meeting. Suggested resources are (create an Ideabook), Pinterest (create a board for each room), and Magazines or Catalogs (tear out photos and put into a folder).
- Provide honest and candid feedback promptly to us is within 24 – 72 hours, and if you are unable to do so, just let us know that you’re out of pocket and when we should hear from you.
- Do not hesitate to ask questions! This is YOUR space and we are here to make certain you understand and are comfortable with decisions and selections being made.
- Acknowledge indecision or any change in style, preference, budget, or time frame while working together.
- Provide access to the property in your absence, as needed.
- Have fun! We’re here to do the hard work – you get to enjoy the results for years to come!


Let's Get Started!
Which space(s) can we help you design?
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Tell us about your home...
In what year was your home built? How long have you lived in your home? How long do you plan to live in your home? What do you like about your home?
Is there anyone living in your home who has special needs that we need to consider while designing your space(s)?
Are there any pets in your home that we need to consider while designing your space(s)?
What is the current atmosphere of your home?
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How would you describe your design project?

Why are you redesigning your space?
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Have you ever tried to "fix" the space(s) yourself?
If so, what was the result?

What is your style?
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What do you like most about the style(s) you selected?
Is there anything you dislike about the style(s) you selected?

What should the mood of the space be?
(select all that apply)

What colors are you drawn to?

Are there any colors you dislike and want to avoid?

What colors are you currently using in the space(s) you plan on having designed?
Do you prefer to keep your current color scheme? Add to it? Start over?

Share inspiration images and/or links to your Pinterest Board / Houzz Ideabook that reflect your style.

Drag & drop images here or select files from your computer.

Inspiration links (ex: Pinterest)

Do you have a favorite piece of artwork, a rug, or fabric that you would like to use in the design or as inspiration for the design?
Which of the following are you willing to consider for your walls?
(select all that apply)
Which of the following do you require of window treatments?
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Which patterns or fabrics do you prefer?
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What type of subject matter do you prefer for your artwork?
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What medium do you prefer for your artwork?
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Are any of your existing furniture pieces staying?

What new products would you like to add to the space?

Are there any areas of the property or items that are "restricted"?
We oftentimes rearrange existing items and move items from room to room. Are there any items that are "do not touch"? If so, please list in detail.

What are your favorite stores for furniture & decor?

What are your hobbies, interests, favorite activities, business / profession?
Unless you request a "theme" we may work some of these things into the design where good taste allows.
What are you and your family's regular activities in the room(s) we are addressing?
For instance, does Bobby like to do puzzles in the living room while Jenny likes to paint in the kitchen?
Does everyone in the house have the same design taste or are they polar opposites?
If they are different, have you figured out how you are going to reconcile the differences? Blind ballot, coin toss, majority vote...?
Do you entertain often?
If so, what kind of entertaining? (game nights, dinner parties, pool parties, small group studies, youth slumber parties, etc.) Do you currently have room for this or do you need to reallocate space for this purpose?
What is your entertaining style?
What is your timeframe for having this project complete? Do you have any upcoming events or parties planned?
Are you planning to compete this project all at once or in phases?
What is your general budget (NOT including professional services)? Meaning: furniture, art, lighting, window treatments, and accessories...
What is your budget if your project requires interior renovation?
How did you come up with your budget numbers?
If we run up against a situation where we either have to pick the design concept (what you really want) or the budget, which on wins?
What do you consider a reasonable price for a sofa?
What do you consider a reasonable price for the perfect table lamp?
Do you think you will need to SEE or TOUCH the ideas or materials we discuss in order to understand the vision for the new design?
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
Include any final notes or other details that may not have been addressed in the questions above...
Let's flash forward to three months after your project is complete. What would make it a home run for you? What does "successful" look like as it relates to us working together?
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