Your answers go a long way in helping me learn more about you. Please share! The more I learn, the better I can connect the dots and provide an even better design for your space. I promise your answers are confidential, so spill!

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Who do you share your space with?
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What style appeals to you?
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Have you ever worked with a Designer?
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What are your favorite home furnishings stores or catalogs?

What is your budget for purchasing products?
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Are any of your existing furniture pieces staying?

What new products would you like to add to the space?

Do you have a favorite color or two? If I walked into your closet right now, what are the main colors would I notice?
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What is your least favorite color?

Do you work from home?
Do you of anyone in your household have any allergies I should know about as it relates to your home?
Is there a particular fabric that you stay away from for various reasons?
When you’re at home, do you prefer walking around in:
How do you unwind at the end of the week?

Please provide measurements and photos of your space

To help us better serve you, we recommend the following:
  • Download our floor plan and room photo guide (PDF)
  • Measure your space and sketch your floor plan
  • Take photographs of your room following the instructions provided
  • Attach your floor plan and room photos below
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How did you learn about The Right Space
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Any final notes for your designer to consider?
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