This questionnaire will help me assess the project scope, your needs, and budget. Please give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to fill it out. Once we receive the questionnaire we will review and see if we're able to accommodate your project. We will then e-mail you to set a 30 minute call.

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Scope of Project
If you are unsure of what kind of project you have they are further defined out on the residential page of my website.
In your own words describe the project.
Desired Start Date
Have you made any decisions about the project that we should know about?
ie. Architect, Contractor, Audio Visual Consultant, Lighting Designer, Landscape Architect/Designer etc.
Is this your first time working with an Interior Designer? If not, please describe the previous project(s).

Share inspiration images or links that reflect your style
This can be Pinterest boards, google file links, instagram accounts etc.

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Inspiration links (ex: Pinterest)

Any descriptive words for your desired space?
Emotions, Way it's utilized, specific needs you're excited about
Are there any other decision makers in addition to you on this project? If so please provide their Name, relation to you, and email.
Desired Budget
Please provide a range or starting number. We understand it can change, but this gives us an idea of what you're looking for!
What neighborhood and state is the location of your project?
How did you hear about us?
Any final notes for your designer to consider?
Include any final notes or other details that may not have been addressed in the questions above...
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