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Do you consider yourself organized or disorganized?
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When you clean your desk, a closet, or the garage, is it easy for you to throw things out or do you tend to get bogged down?
Is it difficult for you to part with things even though they have outlived their usefulness?
Do you keep a lot of things for sentimental reasons?
Do you keep things just in case you need them again in the future?
Do you weed out paper and belongings often and systematically?
Are you an “info maniac” (saving many articles, newspapers, or books you’ve read)?
Do you like to collect things?
Are you a highly visual person who needs to keep everything in sight?
What are your biggest challenges or weaknesses in terms of organization?
Are you an introvert? extrovert?
Do you like to entertain? If so, how often and how many?
Do you prefer to cook or to eat out?
What do you do for leisure? Hobbies? Sewing, crafts, music, reading, gardening, etc.
Do you have overnight guests? If so, how often? How many?
Do you need room for games? Ie. ping pong, table tennis, board games? If yes, what kind of games?
Do you enjoy reading? If so, where and what time of day?
Where do you do your personal grooming?
Where do you watch TV?
Where do you do correspondence? Ie. Pay bills, email etc.
Are you happy with your laundry facilities?
If spirituality is important to you, do you have a place for meditation/prayer?
Do you need a workshop for tools, etc.?
Do you have pets? How many? Shedders?
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