Which space can I help you design?

We can't design a space if we don't know which room! Please choose one.

Why are you redesigning your space?
(select all that apply)

Who do you share your space with?
(select all that apply)

How soon are you looking to complete your project?

If we are designing your living room or dining room, how much seating do you need?

Are you keeping any of your existing furniture or accessory pieces? Ex: art, chair, collectible..

What new products would you like to add to the space? Ex: A recliner that doesn’t look like a recliner, a place for books, collection, toys…

Are there any specific prints you like or do not like for furniture or accessories (florals, geometrics, plaids…)
Ex: like florals for pillows or art but not for furniture, only like stripes and geometrics…
Which of these styles do you like?
Look at the styles, not the colors..check all that apply
Any other comments about what you like or dislike about the previous styles?
Ex: I like an eclectic style with a mix of antiques and modern…

How would you like the space to feel?
(select all that apply)

What is your preferred color style?
We are looking at color style not specific colors

What are your color preferences?

Do you have any specific colors you would like to see in the space? Ex: only want blues with neutrals, only blues and greens, etc

Any other comments about color?
Ex: want lots of color on the rug, walls and accessories but not the upholstery, or want a neutral sofa and colorful chairs and accessories, etc
If we are adding wall art, which styles do you like?
Select all that apply
Any more specifics about what you like or dislike for wall art?
Ex: like animals but only birds, prefer canvas to glass, like traditional landscapes with rivers....

Do you want me to specify products from any specific stores?

Would you like me to specify products from my “to the trade” for designers online vendor?
I give you access to my online vendor, and products with links. Sales are final unless a product is damaged

Share inspiration images or links that reflect your style
If you have found pictures of rooms or products you like, add them here. If you are not sure, you may skip it.

Drag & drop images here or select files from your computer.

Inspiration links (ex: Pinterest)

I am mindful of your investment and strive to find you the best products for the best price. However, for me to be the most efficient, please tell me your ideal investment amount range and/or the amount you do not want to exceed. If you prefer to designate an amount per room, complete the next section.
If you are planning to purchase new living room furniture, what are you planning to invest?
sofa, chairs, bench, ottomans, sofa table, end tables, coffee table
If you are planning to purchase new dining room furniture, what are you planning to invest?
dining table, chairs, buffet, china cabinet...
If you are planning to purchase new bedroom furniture, what are you planning to invest?
bench, bed, nightstands, dresser/chest, sitting room furniture
If you are planning to purchase lighting and accessories, what are you planning to invest?
rugs, lamps, chandeliers, artwork, pillows, throws, other decorative accessories
Any other specifics you would like me to look for as I’m sourcing your products?
Ex:: finish of lighting fixtures, performance fabrics, solid wood vs veneer or mdf, wool or synthetic rugs...

Provide your floorplan and ceiling height. Also pictures of the rooms we are designing AND the adjacent spaces you are not planning to update. This would include kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, and any other room so I can create a design that flows. If you are keeping any paint colors or furniture, photograph those with a piece of white paper next to them.
If we are styling built-ins provide those measurements too

To help us better serve you, we recommend the following:
  • Download our floor plan and room photo guide (PDF)
  • Measure your space and sketch your floor plan
  • Take photographs of your room following the instructions provided
  • Attach your floor plan and room photos below
Drag & drop floor plan and room images here or select files from your computer.
Any final notes for me to consider as I design your next level space?
Include anything that may not have been addressed in the questions above
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