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Who do you share your space with?
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If you have children, how old are they? Are they still in the jump-on-the-sofa and write-on-the-walls age range?
If you have any pets, what kind? Do they shed or shred?
Does anyone using the space have a disability or special need that we may want to take into consideration?
Can you think of any other special considerations for those living in your space? (Allergies to fabrics, specific child-proofing needs, etc.)
What does daily life in this space look like? Pretty chill? Kind of chaotic? Somewhere in between?
If applicable, do you plan on using this space for entertaining? If so, about how often?
What do you absolutely love about your space? The natural light? Architectural elements? The built-in cabinetry? Something else?
What do you NOT love about your space? Does the wall color make you feel queasy? Does it feel cluttered and chaotic?
Does your space have an established architectural focal point, such as a fireplace?
Does your space have windows?
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Would you like new window treatments for your space?
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Are any of your existing furniture pieces staying?

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What are your favorite stores for furniture & decor?

What is your style?
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Are there any design styles that you really just DON’T like?
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What are your color preferences?

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  • Take photographs of your room following the instructions provided
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What inspires you? What are your hobbies/passions?
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Are you drawn to any decades/time periods in the past?

What is your budget for purchasing products?
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