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We specialise in bedrooms and living spaces but we love to help with styling throughout your home

We can't design a space if we don't know which room! Please choose one.
Welcome to the first stage in the design process & congratulations on getting started!
These Q's help outline your project & share where you are at, so we can get a feel for how we can help you get going. It only takes a few minutes to fill out.
Please tell us any other rooms that you'd like to discuss
We have a 10% reduction for 3+ rooms or a floor and a 20% reduction for 6+ rooms or a whole house
Are you a Private or Commercial Client
We work with home owners and business owners , because the process varies it helps us to know the type of project you have

How far into the project are you?

If there are items of furniture you want to keep please list them here

What new products would you like to add to the space?

How soon are you looking to complete your project?

What is your budget for purchasing products?
This doesn't include design fees, architects fees, building costs etc it is a budget indicator for styling items

Please specify proper budget values

Give us an idea of your style by ticking the images you like
Don't worry - we don't take one tiny image here and define you! It's just a very broad brush stroke to get going...

How would you like the mood of the space be?
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What are your favourite stores for furniture & dècor both online & in the high street
It really helps to know where you like to shop - please be honest we are not style snobs!

Share inspiration images or links that reflect your style
If you make boards in Pinterest or have images from your phone or Insta then up load them here - if not, don't worry : )

Drag & drop images here or select files from your computer.

Inspiration links (ex: Pinterest)

What are your colour preferences?
Don't think too hard about this it's just another Q to get a feel for your taste, we go into this in more detail later

Do you have any specific colours you'd like or hate to see in the space?

Provide measurements and photos of your space
If you can upload a floor plan from your estate agent that's great or if you can draw or map out a plan that's fine. we will need specific measurements but not necessarily right now, so don't go into too much detail yet

Great, here's how to take pictures of your space...
  • Turn on the lights and open the curtains
  • Take photos in landscape mode
  • Stand at the center of each main wall and take 1 photo pointing the camera straight ahead to the opposite wall. An empty room is a bonus but not required.
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Please let us know of any physical difficulties or health elements we should know about ?
We want to ensure that we take every ones well being into account

Do you rent or own?
We ask because it helps us understand if this is a capitol investment project or if you want to focus on transferable pieces

What kind of home do you live in?
Knowing if this is a period property, flat, bungalow etc etc it helps us understand your architecture & ensure items can get through your door

On a scale of 1 - 10 how confident are you in visualising what you wish to achieve in this project?
10 is super confident just wanting to get feed back & tweak a bit - 1 is overwhelmed and feeling totally lost. We help with both ends of the scale and all the numbers in between so there's no wrong answer!
Any final notes for your us to consider?
Be honest - no question is silly and we are here to help - the more you share the better informed we are!
Include any final notes or other details that may not have been addressed in the questions above...
How did you hear about SB Interior Styling ?
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